Blue Walnut Cafe Torquay UK has a new site

This was a former website for the Blue Walnut Cafe from 2008, to around 2011. Today they have a new website with a totally sleek, updated look. To see the current offerings from the Blue Walnut Cafe go to: the cinema & venue are also available for private bookings and parties.

  Blue Walnut Cafe
Walnut Rd
Torquay TQ2 6HS, UK
Phone: +44 1803 394113

Torbay Arts Base Award Winner 2005
Original Artistic Contribution to the Community


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The Blue Walnut is a relaxing, fully licensed Café hosting regular Live Music and Performance Poetry events together with an Art Gallery featuring the work of local artists. 

Breakfast and lunch is available in the cafe which serves freshly cooked food and homemade cakes and cookies.  Local Butcher John Shambrook provides the best quality bacon and sausages and to compliment our food we serve Origin organic, fairtrade coffee which is roasted in Cornwall.

The bar is stocked with a variety of bottled ales, including ales from Hunter's Brewery in Ipplepen, food and refreshments can also be enjoyed in the quiet beer garden.

The Blue Walnut is host to a vibrant Film Club, meeting once a month to view and discuss their own choice of film.  With a growing waiting list that will soon translate into two monthly meetings.  

From November, we will host a general film evening on the first Wednesday of each month, showing anything from recent dvd releases to older, black and white movies.  Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to advertise the films we show, so for details of upcoming films please click here.

We open for private functions on request.  Prices vary and are tailored to your personal preference depending on whether you wish to combine a meal with your film choice or whether you simply wish to hire the cafe/bar area for a party with buffet.

Please see the Cinema or Events sections for details of films, music and performance poetry event.

Did you know:   In plants caffeine acts as a natural bug repellent.Sir James Mackintosh famously quoted "The powers of a man's mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks"

Friday and Saturday evenings (when we have a film or music evening), we will be staying open until 11.00pm. So do stay and have a drink after the performance.

Films at the Blue Walnut
Due to the licensing laws regarding the Cinema, we are unable to advertise the names of our films on the website. We can, however, notify you directly via email of forthcoming film.


Latest News 2010

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Poetry Friday July 16: Performance Poetry               
Chris Brooks presents an evening of entertaining, thought-provoking and occasionally absurd performance poetry. A diverse line up of quality performers is guaranteed, including the one and only

Mr George Chopping.
For more details or information contact Chris at
Starts at  19:00  :  Doors Open  19:30  :  Tickets: £3.50

Music  Saturday July 17: Jennifer Crook       
Jennifer Crook and her band entranced the Blue Walnut audience the last time they played here with songs from Jennifer's album, "A Few Small Things". Since then she has played with artists as varied as Snow Patrol and Boo Hewerdine and recorded a new EP of songs, "Black Fly".
Starts at  20:00  :  Doors Open  19:30  :  Tickets: £10.00  (9.00 in advance)
Music  Friday July 30: Rory Ellis       
For the last few years Australian singer-songwriter, Rory Ellis, has been winning over audiences in Britain with his marvelously rich and warm voice and his exceptionally well crafted songs and passionate, yet sometimes humorous, stage shows. He has been described as coming across as a Melbourne hybrid of Johnny Cash, Steve Earle and Tom Russell, but he's very much his own man.

Gritty Australian alt-country blues man
Starts at  20:00  :  Doors Open  19:30  :  Tickets: £10.00  (9.00 in advance)            


Latest News 2008

Exhibition        Friday February 1: An exhibition by American photographer Tony Park                  Tony Parks is daughter of the immensely influential black photographer, film director Gordon Parks. Tony, like her father before her, has many of her works on permanent exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art.
Admission Free
Music  Friday February 29: a gig with MEMO                      
Memo return to the Blue Walnut after a highly successful first gig last month wher they showed us just why they were voted Torbay's most up and coming band. Great performances from Russ Bray and Luke Bond, beautifully crafted songs and a very contemporary feel made their last gig a rare event. Tonight the duo will be adding many effects that they have been working on which should be a first for all their fans

Starts at  20:00  :  Doors Open  19:30  :  Tickets: £2.50

Many apologies for the lateness in this months issue of the newsletter. Unfortunately certain issues of tax deadlines got in the way. This month sees the installation of a soundproof door in between the cafe and the cinema which allows us to hold film shows/functions etc. in the cinema without disturbing the cafe and vise versa. Also we are starting an art course which will be run is six week sessions aimed at taking you through the stages of learning to draw as the foundation for painting. The hugely talented Steve Tilston makes his second appearance for chelston acoustic so wrap up warm and we hope to see you.

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Next Event: February 26, 2008; 19:30 - Doors Open: 19:15




The Blue Walnut Cafe Bar & Cinema has a unique history that contributes to its charm and appeal in Torquay. While specific historical details and milestones are essential to fully appreciating its journey, from available information, we know that:

  • The cafe was recognized with the Torbay Arts Base Award in 2005 for its Original Artistic Contribution to the Community, indicating its early commitment to local culture and arts.
  • In 2014, the cafe was acquired by its current owners, David and Jane Schofield, who have continued to enhance its offerings, including the unique cinema experience and a variety of live events.
  • The addition of an authentic, self-contained nickelodeon cinema with period tip-up seats from the Festival Theatre in nearby Paignton around 2005, under then-owner Mike Edmonds, highlights its dedication to creating a distinctive experience for guests.

The Blue Walnut stands out not just as a cafe but as a cultural venue, blending culinary experiences with film, live music, and arts, making it a beloved establishment in Torquay. Its history of community engagement, support for local artists, and provision of a unique space for entertainment and relaxation contribute to its known character and popularity.


Proximity To

The Blue Walnut Cafe Bar & Cinema is strategically located in Torquay, Devon, offering a unique combination of culinary and cinematic experiences. This charming venue, situated on Walnut Road, is not only celebrated for its diverse menu, including light breakfasts, lunchtime specials, bar snacks, tapas, and its West Country Cheese Plates and Boards, but also for its inclusivity of dietary preferences with vegetarian and gluten-free options available. The cafe bar is complemented by a secret suntrap garden, perfect for enjoying sunny days in a relaxed atmosphere.

Moreover, The Blue Walnut houses a distinctive cinema with 23 tiered seats, boasting a 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound system and a variety of screen sizes to enhance the viewing experience. Films from the early 1900s to the present can be enjoyed here, making it a versatile venue for private functions and parties. The cinema's fully licensed bar and food options add to its appeal for special occasions.

Its location in Torquay places it within close proximity to notable attractions and landmarks. For instance, it's only a short distance from the Grand Leisure Suite at the Grand Hotel, offering leisure facilities like an indoor pool and spa. The Agatha Christie Mile and the Italian Gardens at Abbey Park are also nearby, providing cultural and historical explorations just steps away from the cafe. These sites highlight the rich heritage and leisure opportunities available in Torquay, making The Blue Walnut an ideal spot for both locals and tourists seeking a multifaceted experience of dining, entertainment, and exploration within the English Riviera.

For more detailed information, visiting their official website or contacting them directly would provide the latest updates on menus, events, and booking procedures.


Known For

The Blue Walnut Cafe Bar & Cinema in Torquay is renowned for several key features that make it a unique destination within the local community and for visitors:

  1. Culinary Offerings: Known for its diverse menu, the cafe caters to various dietary needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. It serves light breakfasts, lunchtime specials, bar snacks, tapas, and notably, West Country Cheese Plates and Boards.

  2. Cinema Experience: A standout feature is its in-house cinema with 23 tiered seats, providing an intimate viewing experience with a 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound system. The cinema showcases films from the early 1900s through to the present day, making it a unique cultural spot in Torquay.

  3. Dog-Friendly Atmosphere: The cafe is dog friendly, welcoming pet owners and their furry friends to enjoy the warm ambiance and the secret suntrap garden at the rear, perfect for relaxing in the sunshine.

  4. Local Arts and Entertainment: Regularly hosting live music, performance poetry, comedy nights, and other events, The Blue Walnut serves as a cultural hub in Torquay. It also features art from local artists, contributing to the community's artistic scene.

  5. Community Engagement: With its offerings of private bookings and parties, The Blue Walnut facilitates community gatherings and celebrations, emphasizing its role as a versatile venue for various occasions.

  6. Quality and Service: Customer reviews frequently highlight the quality of food, the variety of the menu, and the excellent service provided by the friendly staff, making it a well-loved establishment in the area.

These aspects, coupled with its strategic location close to other Torquay attractions, contribute to The Blue Walnut Cafe Bar & Cinema's reputation as a cherished local gem, offering a blend of culinary delight, cultural enrichment, and community spirit.